‘Yin Without Words’
Last Wednesday of the month
with Austin Ince


The practice of yin is an internal practice, the gateway to our meditation practice. In a normal class the teacher with talk you through the practice, to reassure you and help keep your mind focused on the practice. This class is different; for the duration of the class there are no words. This enables us to go deeper on our own as we become our own teacher. A gong sounds at timed intervals, on the strike of the gong you slowly make your way out of the pose, observe the teacher and follow them into next pose and focus on your breath until the next gong. It’s a different experience from a normal yin class, much more profound, time will fly past if you surrender to the practice. It’s preferable to have a attended a few classes prior to practicing without words. If you are newer to the practice it’s best to go into the middle of the class, that way you can see the people around you if unsure of what to do. In yin alignment isn’t important, all our bodies are different and we have to learn for ourselves what is the best way to practice.


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