Teen Yoga Classes for Exam Stress Relief (Teenage Yoga)

Teen Yoga Classes for exam stress relief has become a fun way of coping with the demands being placed on our teens.

During the school holidays we have special class pack rates and classes for teens to attend.

Private Teenage Yoga Classes can also be arranged with the studio for groups of 4-6. These will be at Beginner Class level so are suitable for those who are new to yoga.

Please contact the studio if you would like to arrange Teen Yoga classes for exam stress relief for your teens!

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Teen Yoga & Mindfulness have recently published this article.

“Being a teen is stressful. From academic pressure, to hectic social schedules, and trying to prepare for life after school, teens have a lot on their plates. Things can really seem to pile up this time of year with the stress of exams looming

tress can manifest itself in multiple ways, from mental turmoil to physical pain. Some people will find themselves feeling anxious and even depressed when they can’t effectively manage stress. Others notice physical ailments like neck and back pain, or digestion problems. Finding a way to deal with stress effectively is important to help maintain balance. Taking a break from work can actually help in the long run. Sometimes we gain creativity and inspiration in unexpected places, which we can bring back to our work with a renewed sense of purpose.

Many of our Teen Yoga students were happy to find that participating in the class helped to aid the symptoms of stress, and help them learn strategies to manage their stress on their own terms. This was especially true during exam time, when they felt extremely stressed.

So, to help remind our students how to de-stress and keep calm in the next few weeks, we’ve put together this guide for stress relieving yoga poses and mindfulness practice.”, Teen Yoga & Mindfulness.


Teen Yoga & Mindfulness have set out some stress relieving yoga poses for teenagers.

Teen Yoga & Mindfulness article

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