We are delighted to be offering online classes in these very challenging times. We hope this will be a brilliant way to keep our little community together! We are starting with our core classes and will look to build out through the coming weeks to include Meditation, Nidra and much more!

The online yoga classes and pilates classes can be booked through your Mindbody account as usual using your memberships, existing class packs or new online pricing options. 15 minutes before class you will be sent an email which will allow you to access the online class (including an id & password if needed) and a class playlist, if one is being used. Some of these classes will be live and others may be repeat of an earlier class as we want to offer you as many class times as possible whilst keeping our teachers safe.

For the live streaming we’ll all be able to see each other and wave hello before the class starts. After that you won’t pay any more attention to other people than you do in class – but you can of course turn off your video option when you join the meeting! For the repeat classes you will not see each other. Find a quiet spot with a bit of space to move and your props – blanket, cushion, pile of books if you don’t have a block and join everyone in class!


Q: How can I book a class?

A: Login in to your Mindbody account and book as usual.

Q: How far in advance can I book?

A: We are starting with advance bookings of a few days but will move to a weekly schedule once we get your feedback on how class times suit your new daily life!

Q: How will I take part in the online class?

A: 15mins before class you will be sent an email to the address on your mindbody account from team@yogaworksondon.co.uk or dy@pjh.eclipse.co.uk with the class link. Please make sure both addresses do not go into your spam account. Please make sure your device has the sound turned up.

Q: How are the online yoga classes being accessed?

A: We are using Zoom online for the Livestream classes and a Zoom weblink for any Repeat classes. You can either download Zoom on your laptop or device in advance of your first class or when you receive the class link email. You do not need a Zoom account to access our online classes but can sign up for a free account if you choose.

Music: please note due to music licence permissions we cannot stream online music so feel free to have your own music in the background (on mute!) but where a teacher has a playlist on Spotify we’ll forward this in the meeting.

Please do not forward the meeting link to anyone who has not booked via Mindbody. We can see participants and will remove any uninvited guests!

Online Livestream Class

Your Zoom meeting link and ID/password are included in your automated Mindbody booking Reservation email, as well as your Reminder email, sent 1 day before class. If you have opted in to texts these will also include the link information.

Please make sure these emails are not going into your spam folder!

Once you click on the link you will either be automatically added to the live class or see a message of ‘Please wait for the host to start this meeting’. We will activate the meeting shortly thereafter and the class will begin.

You will see yourself and fellow yogis in small boxes across the top of the screen. You can turn your video off and not be seen at all but that will make it difficult for the teacher to give you verbal adjustments! Some classes may be muted on joining (e.g. Yin), others you will be able chat online with other participants.

Please check your Mindbody account to ensure ‘Reminders and Schedule Changes’ is opted in. Go to your Mindbody account, then My Info/Profile/Personal/Click on ‘Edit’. Ensure the email and/or text box for ‘Reminders and Schedule Changes’ is checked.

Online Repeat Class

The class link email will be emailed to you  15minutes before class and will include a 1-click meeting link and Access Password. Press PLAY to start the class. Click FULLSCREEN icon on bottom right of screen. You will join the meeting automatically muted. The Repeat class link will be active for 24hours. No one else can see you for these sessions.

Q: What is the Bookings & Cancellations Policy

A:  The cancellation window has been decreased from 2 hours to 15minutes. Once we send you the Reservation email you will have been deemed to have attended the class unless you cancel up to 15mins before class. After that we will book you in and deduct the pass from your Mindbody class pack/pass. There are no cancellation penalties for Members.

Q: What is the cost of the online classes?

A: For Members, unlimited class bookings apply as part of the monthly membership.

We have new class pass rates for online yoga classes or pilates classes:

– Drop In £8

– 5 Class Pack £37.50

– 10 Class Pack £70

Please remember we are doing our best to keep the studio going and critically to be able to pay our self-employed teachers. The packs are valid for as long as we are closed and when we reopen (hurrah) we’ll convert the remaining £ value to a credit on your account to use towards in-studio classes. If you have existing class packs you can obviously still use these up first if you prefer or let us know if you want to freeze them until we re-open the studio classes and use the new online passes.

Q: How to practice  at home & what props?

A: Your wellbeing is always extremely important so please make sure you find a place with enough space to practice your online yoga classes without any obstacles. Find a place for your phone/laptop so you can see the teacher onscreen although you will be listening more than watching! If you have any props have them to hand as well as a blanket/water.

Liability Waiver

If you are not feeling well or have any health concerns please ensure you have approval from a GP or medical professional before participation in our online yoga classes or pilates classes. A reminder that the Liability Waiver you signed online in Mindbody or on paper in the studio applies to these online classes: ‘You agree that neither the individual teachers nor YogaWorks London Ltd will be liable for any damage or injury resulting from your practice or use of the venue, nor any loss or damage to personal belongings. You also agree to the terms & conditions as set out on YogaWorks London Ltd website.