Yoga For Runners with Laura Denham-Jones

March 3, 2019

14:00 - 16:00

5 East Hill Wandsworth, SW18 2HT

£25 (10% discount for Members)


Yoga For Runners – Stretch & Restore workshop with Laura Denham-Jones! Whether you’re training for the London marathon or are just feeling the effects of sticking to your New Year’s fitness resolutions, this Yoga For Runners workshop is designed to restore energy and re-balance the body following the efforts of hard athletic training.  Using pranayama, postures and props, this session will help you soften and relax after those hard efforts, lengthening tight muscles in the feet, legs, hips, back and shoulders to release tension, prevent injury and cultivate ease of movement.  Take some time out to move and breathe at a slower pace so that you can hit the road again with a spring in your step.

Laura Denham-Jones has participated in 8 marathons and holds a specialist Yoga for Runners certification.  She has contributed to many articles and three books on yoga for running and triathlon

Suitable for All Levels.

Price: £25 per workshop (10% discount for Members)

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